8/16/ 2019

After a short Summer break,  Sharing Philosophy is getting ready for a fantastic line-up of speakers for our Philosophy Café  events at the Chapel Hill Public Library. Make sure to subscribe so that you can get notifications on all these wonderful opportunities.

In preparation for the first presentation later this month by Professor Keya Maitra  on "Ethical Implications of the Bhagavad  Gītā  for our times", check out this 2005 article by Keya on a similar topic.

Sharing Philosophy is glad to have Philosophy Cafés lined up for this Fall and we're looking forward to seeing you all. 


The PLATO 2019 Conference was a great success. We got to meet many wonderful and caring educators who are sharing philosophy with children of all ages. Check out our Facebook posts for some pics.


This month's focus has been on indigenous knowledge and values of Native Americans. Implications of Monism is the last chapter of V. F. Cardova's seminal dissertation on the philosophy of the Navajo. In this chapter Cardova sums up how the philosophy of the Navajo expresses itself in daily life. We found it very eye opening and hope you enjoy it. 


Michael Puett is one of Harvard's most beloved professors and his Chinese Classical Ethical and Political Theory course is one of the most popular at the university. Here's audio of one such class, available from Harvard-X, within which he is speaking on the Laozi and brings in Abraham Lincoln (seriously). Make sure to check out his book The Path: What Chinese Philosophers Can Teach Us About the Good Life.

Puett on the Laozi


Big shout-out to one of Sharing Philosophy's organizers who will be presenting at the 2019 PLATO Conference in June.  The presentation is based on a course he designed to build critical thinking and communication skills among at-risk teenagers. The course has been used by The Carying Place's Children's Program.