Sharing Philosophy with Children

Benefits of engaging children and adolescents in philosophical thinking


Studies on Philosophy in K-12 education illustrate improved independent analytical thinking in children and teens. Philosophy can teach students to think critically and logically about important ideas and concepts. Student are better prepared to enter and succeed in college. Further, college students majoring in philosophy score higher than other college majors on post-grad exams including the LSAT, GMAT and GRE. 

Though a few schools do offer philosophy classes, either as electives or incorporated into the present curriculum, it is not available to the majority of young students in the U.S. today.

Sharing Philosophy is making an effort to offer children and adolescents in the community the chance to learn philosophical skills through programs and resource sharing.

Current Programs:

The Art of Argument and Critical Thinking: Through a joint effort with The Carying Place, Sharing Philosophy offers lessons and games designed to increase reasoning and communication for disadvantaged youth in and around Wake County.

In the Works…

Summer Camps

Year-round Philosophy Workshops